Hi Im new to the netbehaviour list but I think its an amazing set up!

Im trying to set up an Online community called Near Land. The aim of the community is to create a discussion around the purpose of place and environment. We are interested in the web as a place and the relationship it has with an actual place. Is this relationship good or bad? Does it effect our experience of reality? Is the internet valid as a location? Do real experiences need to be validated online? If so, does this lessen the status of physical locations?

These are all topics I hope to discuss with others but in order to create this conversation I need other people to get involved. Im looking for people to send me their responses to ANY of the tasks on the website http://cargocollective.com/nearland. Also if any of you brilliant creative people have any insights on the subject there is a place to discuss them on the website.

Would love to get the ball rolling!


Fala Buggy