What's this about?
I am doing University research and experimenting into the future of the book (more here: http://augmentedwonder.blogspot.co.uk). This is a media arts project, where my aim is to make a book that exists in two forms - as a printed book and also online. The printed book will be "extended" using Augmented Reality software on a smartphone. You will be able to launch the online book by pointing your phone at drawings in the printed book.

What am I looking for?
Robin Hood short stories, from all over the world, every country, every culture.

I am looking for short stories, cultural retellings, translations, adaptations, or reversionings of the Robin Hood story.

Stories could also be about bandits, outlaws who fight the rich/ establishment powers and give to the poor, stories of resistance.

You can base your story on the traditional Robin Hood legend/ folk tale, or the films, TV series, even the Disney cartoon version if you like. You could consider modern day stories, software pirates or terrorists might be good examples. You might like to think of Robin Hood as a vehicle for regional political expression. You could consider Robin Hood from many angles, the ambivalence of the story, the charismatic leader, the moral ambiguity, the sense of impossibility.

I am particularly interested in Robin Hood type stories from different cultures, and by writers from non-western countries.

What's my interest?
I want to build a collection of cultural retellings of the Robin Hood story, to exist in a printed book and also online. I want to assemble and structure these retellings in an interesting way across different media forms.

What do you get out of it?
Your story will go straight away into the online book, which exists in Reddit. Here it will live with the other Robin Hood and bandit stories. When the printed book is finished - which I expect in a month or so, then you will be able to position your book within the printed book (I will explain later how to do this).

Your story will be acknowledged throughout the project; your name will appear in the Augmented Reality, online and in all literature. You will be taking part in an experiment in the future of the book, and your story will be very gratefully received!

All online stories will be posted in Reddit, where I will encourage the community to respond to your story. I'll make sure your name gets seen!

1. Word limits: 1000 - 2000 words
2. English language
3. Stories and poetry
4. Fact or fiction
5. Be creative and imaginative
6. Feel free to be controversial, opinionated, political
7. Please post links to one or more images or videos with your story. For photos, drawings, sketches etc - please use Flickr, Imgur. For video please use YouTube.
8. Multiple authors per story is fine
9. Authors can write continuing stories (e.g. as in Sherlock Holmes or Dickens)
10. Please incorporate one of these subjects somewhere/ somehow in your story: bird, elephant, flowers, hand, moon, sun, comet, gallows, guns, gold, software.

Please sign up to Reddit and post your story here: http://redd.it/1j0mn8
I will be regularly posting writing prompts into Reddit.