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On 02/10/13 12:07, Philipp Teister wrote:
DEATH of Glitch-Art
DEATH of Fluxus
DEATH of E-Culture


We don't need to bury a body, 
we need to bury something else.

Fluxus is some kind against bourgeois sickness,
actually it is bourgeois and it's getting killed by itself.
Professional commercialized culture of art imitation of artificial European art. 

Mathematical in between -- for the sake of it -- because that is European.
If your not European, you'll get your fucking drawing back.

Get back to your own flow,
your own revolution. 

Genocite. It's a genocide because, we wanne make it part of our union.
Because we are making a genocide in Bosnia when we are going to make it part of our union. 

We're not talking about this. It's a taboo. Taboos are who we are now. 


Out flow and in flown. 
We are trying to get to certain tides to promote a reality. 
But actually we re not flowing incorporating/dis-charching taboos.

Right now we are making cultural and social realms, call it fluxus, it's a joke. 
More important than the so called political revolutionaries that are following there hypes. 

So then, we should burn down/outsource the structures of doing it yourself, 
we have to take responsibility right now. In case of not facing the fear of being left behind. 

Instead of privatizing someones intellectual property 
we should make frameworks for non-economic exploitation
and spontaneously nomadic deterritorialization. 
Our Postmodern liberal mechanisms are being vanished. 

We need to head out for the new horizon anew. 
The new alternative, is about not to privatize, 
and don't look for obligatory privatized sectors that 
has been institutionalized by real property.

Corporate number crunchers are just a structure of social disorder
that can also be found in competition of evolved corporative not-groups, 
that has been the pain in the ass for such a long time. 

Frequently, individual success models depend on politely complex situation compromised goals. 
This complexity is just a non-linear fashion and has to be changed over a time.

It's the death of glitch-art, fluxus and e-culture.




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