CALL FOR WORK Ьͤ͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛͛⁁₀ᴻᴰ Я€ᵝᴼᒻU┮!྄྄྄྄྄྄྄྄⦸ᴺ᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂. for ‘THE WRONG’ BieNNAL
Deadline: 25/10/2013  
We are looking for artists who have been working with resolution based artwork for our “wunderkammer” // “curiosity cabinet” of media resolutions.

Я€ᵝᴼᒻU┮!྄྄྄྄྄྄྄྄⦸ᴺ᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂᷂s are the ultimately the settlement (a solution - but often at the same time a compromise) between 2 or more underlying themes or dimensions. Even though media might have never existed on their own, the complexities of its landscape have now moved beyond human recognition. Rules and protocols change data to exist, move and to be reflected upon media through resolutions. The cost of all of these resolutions within media is that people have become unaware of (most) of them. 

Examples (works based or exploring):
- image compressions (jpeg vs. bmp)
- screen resolutions (PAL vs 720p)
- dithering vs. interlacing
- vector vs polygon

An underlying theme (or question of this wrong pavilion) is: have we become bad at constructing our own resolutions, or are we just oblivious to them and their inherent compromises? 

We are looking for works that navigate new media resolutions of artists that are not part of any other WRONG pavilion. 
Please email your entry to us &&

- how / why your work is centered around a resolution. 

- what does this resolution entail / mean (to you)

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