Selfies and the New Photography
50 Artists/50 Selfies
Curated by Patrick Lichty


Call for Photos/Essays

Whether it is for an avatar for Facebook, self-portraits for online dating, or endless personal self-documentation for social media, theselfie (cell phone photo shot either through the back camera or via a mirror) is the emblematic form of photography in online culture.  Due to its ubiquity in media culture, one asks what its social function resides and how that shapes the representation of the “public face” as media stream.  Invited artists include Vagner Whitehead, Joe DeLappe, and Bibbe Hansen.

Selfies and the New Photography will consist of 50 artists from around the world along with an interpretation of their selfie. 


Selfies and the New Photography will consist of an online site and on-demand full-color catalogue, where proceeds will be given to the Autism Society.


Please submit a best possible resolution image of your selfie, plus a 100-word description of your selfie or how you feel the selfie represents society or how we view ourselves.


Artists will be offered an at-cost access to the POD site for the catalogue.

January 15, 2014, firm.

Selfies and the New Photography invites scholars in Photography and New Media to inquire about inclusion in the catalogue.  Essays should be 1250-4000+ words in length, and images are invited.


Intellectual Property Disclaimer:
By entering this exhibition, the artists and scholars accept to give reproduction rights as necessary for the production and promotion of the exhibition. A majority of the proceeds will be given to the charity listed.


Selfies and the New Photography is made possible by Intelligent Agent, a New Media service organization based in New York City.


Please submit all work and queries to