On 30 October 2013 00:32, Eduardo Valle <dudavalle@hotmail.com> wrote:
Try to avoid despair ...

You didnt understand or You are again being CYNIC ? I hope not ... As I hope that too from the others Members of the list ... But it is prove ... As Far as i know everybody was work to do ...

Sounds like good advice to me: try to avoid despair. Worth taking that kind of advice, because in this day and age (as well as many other days and ages), despair is always lurking round the corner ready to rear its ugly turtle head.

Do You think a British Citizen Will accept a country without a aerospatial program, i mean to very clear to You, Brasil is one of the  countries  without even a sattelite ... And remember G8 or G7 or G20 there are more than 200 countries in the World ...

IPV6 is provisional Yes or no ???? , If there is an exponential  grow of the net there Will be no space, because i hope also that You as a specialist knows that the Internet is a space with a limited  space ...


Are the specialists AVOIDING in saying Who is going to Control each knowledge domain ???


Is the interview with Firefox CENSORED by the list , because it was in portuguese or because it was questioning the so called Open and free praticsed by The Google Imperium  ?

I got both the emails about it. I used google translate to read it. There wasn't anything of which I was unaware or if there was, it was nothing which surprised or shocked me. Then I forgot about it. Sorry. Or was I too busy at work in a factory and then got home and tried programming or chilli chutney making or moving house or something.


Funny the approval of the last message took very long, compared to others ... Very funny !

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> Subject: Re: [NetBehaviour] Why Microsoft Word (and Adobe, HP, Google, Intel)) must Die
> On 24/10/13 06:39 PM, Eduardo Valle wrote:
> > Rob , first let me say you are a very good selector , nice links.
> Thank you.
> > But your kind of "funny ironic" answers ... some might say is CYNIC and
> > we know that some persons fell confortable in that situation ...
> I try to avoid despair.
> > And the worst is the silence of the others members of the list, that is
> > also syntomatic ...
> I imagine they have other work to do.
> > 1) Try to say to a British citizen in the 21st century that only 30% of
> > the population has access to internet ?And that access is very expensive
> > ??? So, be a little more serious on that subject , IT IS AN ABSURD !! No
> > matter if it is "free" or not, because thats another discussion. But
> > worst is a president that blame the others to appear as a "rebel" ...
> >
> > http://www.itu.int/newsroom/press_releases/2003/30.html
> Breadth and depth are separate issues.
> I agree that access to the network is important. I was struck by an
> Indian activist's response I once heard to a British radical's dismissal
> of the idea of access to the network for (e.g.) subsistence farmers.
> Information such as weather reports is difficult to access in a timely
> and efficient manner through other means.
> So, to be clear, I agree that the network needs to be (re)distributed
> more evenly as a moral imperative (although we need to be very wary of
> the consequences of that for surveillance and market overreach).
> But the ability to use that access flexibly and efficiently (or
> "freely") is important if winning that access is not to be a hollow victory.
> > 2) Tell a British citizen that his aerospatial program do not exist ???
> > Maybe is more easy to be """"free"""" with a aerospatial program like
> > that ...
> I'm sorry, I don't understand this point.
> > 3) Tell a British citizen that the Internet is his country is dominated
> > by an ICANN filliated that is a foundation of an ex dictator ?
> British citizens are very used to dictators being embraced by their
> leadership, and for the most part I would imagine they still regard the
> details of the DNS system as arcane and irrelevant to their everyday life.
> > 4) I am being very objective again, WHO WILL DETAIN THE DOMAIN CONTROL
> > AND WHY ON IPV 6 ??? Nobody in the list knows that ? Who are deciding
> > that in each field ?
> I assume it's still ICANN, with all the problems and possibilities and
> alternatives that entails.
> > 5) F(r) ee , try to think on a philosophical level, on a consumer
> > level, on an technological level ... and we are not even talking about
> > FINAZISM ...
> As I say, I try to avoid despair.
> > 6) IPV6 is a provisory solution , what is being thought in that sense ???
> I wasn't aware that IPv6 is provisional. It's taking long enough to
> adopt it, so I don't know what would come next. I love meshnets, but
> then I loved them in 2005. Some of the smarter people I know are moving
> to Retroshare, but that's still over IP.
> > 6) If ICANN servers will move, will move to where ?????
> It's hard to decide whether this is network politics or geopolitics, or
> an interesting blend of the two. In any case, you are right that it is a
> point that should be of more political interest than it seems to be.
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