Hi all,

Thanks for a good discussion. It's why I used the term "the strange tale" in the headline - the article wasn't designed to tear down ACE or Rhizome - in fact, I had written a rather fluffy article being generally positive towards Rhizome last week for a different publication.

I guess that I wanted to just report on what happened, to give ACE their right of reply, which they duly did, and to end with open question as to what the public support of digital art looks like in 2013 - how decisions are made and to whom they affect (directly or otherwise).

The jiggaweb93 user's motives remain unclear. Not only did they leak the ACE / Rhizome emails but they also hacked into the 7on7 site and then their Twitter account was suspended. Clearly, some energy and intent was put into doing all what they did.

Anyway, I'll take my reporter's hat off now. We have launched run a new competition on the Imperica website, to win tickets to xHumed - you are all invited to enter that :-)