You're right to call me on this.

What I had in mind is that awards (I mean by this "blue ribbons") tend to make some artists think that they can get away with whatever they make as long as they sign it. (Duchamp).
I shouldn't have included grants. However, with rising prices, only the strongest, or maddest, artists will give the collectors what they don't want.

I would agree with you that "good artists don't have to eat," if you add "so much, especially Americans."

Smiles to you,

On 9/6/2014 3:25 PM, isabel brison wrote:

> As for the canon, the best work that enters it is only after the artist is dead and the dust has settled. So that the artist-at-work isn't tainted by rising prices, grants or prizes.

Good job artists don't need to eat, or we'd _really_ be in trouble.

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