I erased my Facebook account several years ago, never missed it. I go never back to Stumble Upon. I use only Twitter as exchange of interesting links and books to read and announces to make.
Had 148 ppl at my birthday party when I turned 50. Nobody was a virtual friend, all were real life friends.
It's enough.

On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 6:14 PM, ahanon <aha@aharonic.net> wrote:
> Feeling isolated is kind of weird when, without Facebook, et al. you
> have already more information resources and social contacts than anyone
> in the history of the planet.
> -Joel


Not sure Exactly what Dave means by isolated.

What did you mean?

In my personal experience, fb linked isolation is to do with activities
that people might restrict to fb only. The - "if you want to join us, you
have to be on fb" kind of attitude, can link to a certain isolation...
(..sometimes its a realisation After an activity has began..)

Indeed, some people share related information on fb only, and when asked
to place the data in the open net, the response is "come to fb".. (..in my
case anyway, but maybe i am not very persuasive..)
Perhaps also when people think that if they publicise an event - say an
opening/etc. - on fb, then the information is indeed, err, published.. Is
this a bit like people considering google to be the web?



> On 9/30/2014 12:59 PM, dave miller wrote:
>> I left facebook about a year ago and don't miss it, though I feel
>> isolated. Many things seem to require fb and I dont see them or get to
>> hear about things. I'm going to look at the fb alternatives mentioned
>> here.
>> Dave
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