Brazilian Digital Art and Poetry on the Web

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in southamerica there are good examples of e-poetry, e-narratives,
etc. also there is a nice tradition of experimental poetry.
another one i like a lot is Belen Gache, her site is in spanish, but
maybe you could get a glimpse of some of her works, she also writes a
lot about the theme (she specialized while studying in cortazar and
xul solar among others), she tried lots of different platforms, second
life etc etc


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Thanks brian - that's a good one!

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Gustavo Romano


Hi everyone

I'm teaching electronic literature at the moment, and this week will
covering electronic poetry.

Would be very grateful for recommendations.

Examples of the best electronic poetry? In all its forms.

What would be the all time Top 10?

This includes poetry generators/ generated poetry / code work.

Thanks in advance!