I reviewed these, and it IS concerning.
Most of these are books and films, or operas?  What's going on here?
I think we are in a time where electronic media art is in a bit of an identity crisis.
I almost feel like the end of Don Hertzfeld's "Rejected" when the cartoon starts falling apart.
It seems like in the mid-2000's that there was a confluence of effects; New academic artists versus DIY, Art worlders versus what would become public practice, the emergence of 'brand'-movements; it;s all complex and not as dialectic as all this.  There are cultural moments where there is a confluence – I think 1998-2002 was one of those periods.  I just think that we have a lot oaf really strong work, and as Speculative Realism  and OOO are trying to take the mantle from Postmodernism, things like Glitch and Post-Internet (among others) are trying to be the successors to New Media as "handles" for moments in time.

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The cutting edge always becomes dull.


On 10/16/2014 7:33 PM, Pall Thayer wrote:
I don't visit rhizome.org much any more but when I do... all they do is convince me more of their irrelevance.

They recently posted what they refer to as "Five Ambitious Commisions". Bear in mind that this was once the cutting-edge forum for internet-based art...

Makes one wonder...

Pall Thayer

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