when i'm good i'm very good but when i'm bad i'm better

Evolutive residency-performance-exhibition: April to September
Lucille Calmel is in Puertas de Castilla in Murcia (Spain) to explore ten years of special relationships with her computers, through her sound, textual or graphical practices linked to the Internet social networks, her TV series consumption, or her crisis explorations with her partner Gaëtan Rusquet.
Curator: Jesus de la Peña Sevilla
Supports: WBI, FWB (Digital Arts)

based on an almost true story. S02
By Gaëtan Rusquet & Lucille Calmel
active air & sound warperformance
created at iMAL, Brussels, March 2015 + installation post-war at Puertas de Castilla (es) in July 2015
#S01 remix #ultimate crisis touch #battlefield recording #papers #chaff #drone #laser #towers #bots

A response to the relay command "Crisis? What crisis?" by the European network A Space for Live Art, performed in April 2013 at the European performance festival Trouble in Les Halles de Schaerbeek.

Artists solicited by Les Halles / A Space For Live Art / European Union Culture Programme.
Supports: Arts & Sciences Research Lab (LARAS - ISIB), Accion!mad festival (Madrid), Wallonia-Brussels Federation (Digital Arts Commission), WBI, iMAL.

In 2014, Lucille and Gaëtan also declined several aspects of the project through residencies, performances, exhibitions, publications, workshops... at: iMAL (Brussels), 102 (Grenoble), Ladybug festival / Lavoir Public (Lyon), Pixxelpoint / Nova Gorica Cultural Centre (Slovenia), Avignon School of Arts, Mag MCD # 75 / Gaîté Lyrique (Paris), La Maison Particulière (Brussels)...

Photo de Lucille Calmel.

words are missing, Mmabolela, South Africa
Performance during the field recording workshop-residency directed by Francisco Lopez & James Webb at the Mmabolela reserve - November 2014
“words are missing” at the waterhole (with sunset insects birds and wind in the branches, two red stones picked up at The Bridge the last afternoon of zoom H2 recording, some castanet seeds and faded flowers of bougainvillea from our house in Mmabolela, walkietalkies in the audience and through the reserve, and this field back never dying MacBook Pro,,,
teaching performance
National School of Visual Arts La Cambre (Brussels)
School of Arts of Avignon