if you have an interest in art education, whether as a student, teacher, artist, critic, curator, interested bystander, educator, practitioner in some other arts discipline, whatever, please consider contributing to this ongoing project


I posted an initial piece entitled "22 theses on art education" in April and to date there have been 11 diverse, thoughtful and generous responses.

There's no required format, length or style and there's certainly no requirement to agree with my intial posting.  You can be as on or off topic as you wish. The only things I will remove are ad hominem attacks and hate speech. There is currently one purely visual response so artworks, diagrams, links to sound or video files - all welcome, all welcome!

I intend to keep the project going for at least as long I do - I would love for it to become a repository of experience and a forum for discussion that might actually prove to be of use to those of us navigating these choppy waters in whatever capacity and of interest to those watching.

You can contribute either by registering yourself on the site (on the left sidebar) and writing a draft or by e mailing a Word file to me at this address ( please put '22 theses' in the header)

I look forward to encountering both new perspectives and new ways of framing those perspectives...

best wishes

Michael Szpakowski