#TransActing: A Market of Values - an interview with Marsha Bradfield.

Charlotte Webb interviews Marsha Bradfield of Critical Practice, about #Transacting – a pop-up market made up of over 60 stall holders invited to creatively explore and produce alternative economies of value. They discuss free labour, ‘value’ vs ‘values’ and the aesthetics of participation.

During my visit, I first encountered a neo-liberal zombie academic, haunting the market with laments over the demise of an expensive art-education system, which extracts maximum value from students, whilst encouraging them to sell their creativity back to the market. At Becky Early and Bridget Harvey’s ‘Mending for Others’ stall, I was taught to darn, and repaired a hole-ridden Sonia Rykiel hat. Here, mending was framed as ‘giftivism’, a way to build or reinforce a social bond.