Pushing An Agenda 

by "any means necessary"

What is trust and accountability when,

the constitution is changed,

opponents are systemically removed,

control is tightened,

opponents are killed;

in these situations who is transparent?

Power is routinely abused in our communities.

We feel it less-

emergency undermines the tenets-

watchdogs of deviance ceaselessly monitor.

When checks fail to balance,

obviating representative distributions of power, poeticly...

'having a voice' becomes irrelevant-

ceaselessly irrelevant.

There is more TRUE in a typical day's agenda

spent on surviving:

+ Over 1700 Pakistanis died in a week of violence against schools.

+ Due to lingering effects of the 'War on Drugs', Mexico has recently been grouped with Pakistan as one of the counties most likely to become a "failed state".

+ Hundreds of women and children were killed last month in southern Sudan by spear.

+ In Russia, this year, a human rights advocate was beaten and another assassinated.

All of this, and yet,

thus far,

we have not


Our ongoing war with Lord Resistance of the Congo-

burn the villages,

slaughter the civilians,

kidnap the children.

If only we had a 

status-quo atrocity

deemed news-worthy.

Not Gaza Stripe,

not the ghosts of Cambodia, Bosnia or Rwanda.

Something privileged to speak.

Your agenda is what you think you know.