I found myself recently 

at a body hacking conference,

which might not _be_ what you expect.

I saw no makers or diys,

all caucasians and asians,

and most of them in suits.

The speaker at the side-stage

started talking about "severance compensation",

which seemed like a memetic cluster-fuck to me.

So I sat down on a reclined chair,

thinking about raccoons gnawing at my shoulders when,

my thigh started to buzz.

Mind you, it did not feel like a muscle spasm -

too localized - 

affecting the surface part of the rectus femoris,

and isolated to that area 

normally covered

by my phone.

Recently I started working from home,

and wearing exercise shorts,

which I find extremely comfortable, 

but do not typically provide pockets,

especially not ones accommodated to heavy electronics.

As an aside,

as a male,

I find

wearing pants without pockets 

more difficult than speaking in e-prime.

Long story longer,

my pants contained no pockets,

and thus no phone to buzz,

yet these phantom buzzes occur

more and more frequently.

- The really odd thing,

when I check my phone messages,


someone called at that exact time.

It reminds me of an old wives tale

about how 

when your nose feels itchy,

someone talked about you.