Even if he is the inventor of Bitcoin, actually raiding his home is shocking. 

It's not as though Bitcoin itself is something evil, it's another networked technology, and raiding the home of the inventor is weird. Could you imagine Tim Berners Lee's home being raided because of the content of websites? Or Edison's house because his light bulbs illuminated criminals houses? 

Maybe there's something else about Steve Wright we don't hear about?

Or maybe it's about what Bitcoin represents? Perhaps the banks & governments fear the rise of Bitcoin so much, that they intend to demonise/ outlaw it?


On 10 December 2015 at 14:34, Martin Zeilinger <martin.j.zeilinger@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Dave,
I wasn't aware that Steven Wright was arrested, just that his home was raided. What I found interesting about that is that the raid seems to in response to his position that cryptocurrency should be treated as a proper currency for tax purposes, rather than as a taxable intangible asset.

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