Hi Roger,

Much thanks for this - will play this within the next few days as I begin to find space for my mind to settle for the seasonal break ;-)

wishing you well.


On 15 December 2015 at 21:25, Roger Mills <roger@eartrumpet.org> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

A bit of shameless promotion here but I would like to flag that my duo nada, with fellow Ethernet Orchestra collaborator Hervé Perez, have just released our debut album Mirror Image yesterday on the London based Linear Obsessional Recordings. 

It was recorded in Germany last December as part of the Club Instabil event in Braunschweig that Hervé and I had been invited to perform at.

It was also the first time that we had met in person after years of playing together online, and I think it reflects the maturity of the creative relationship we had developed over the network. 

So, if you fancy a festive season punctuated by a little bit of challenging free improvisation you can stream or download for free from  https://linearobsessional.bandcamp.com/album/mirror-image

As always we welcome any comments or feedback

Have a great break and best wishes for the new year !



"Knowledge is only rumour until it is in the muscle" - Asaro Mudmen, Papua New Guinea.

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