Here we have videos of four vectors (night time recordings of roads), the longest of which serves as the base track. A bass track is improvised to accompany this layer. The bass track is paired with another bass track as are two electr(on)ic guitars and two slide guitars.

Using the camera of what has become the ubiquitous smart phone found in most of our possession, footage was captured from a taxi – an industry currently being challenged by the hacker class. By manipulating the information of this industry, the vectoral capabilities of capital (see Wark) are being challenged. We live in an age when worlds like these are bumping up against each other in ways that have probably always occurred.

According to string theory, we live in a multiverse. It was recently announced by astrophysicists that evidence of cosmic bubbles have been witnessed bumping up against another. Simply put, they say that an observed light anomaly that has been recently witnessed is probably proof of two of these cosmic bubble membranes (‘branes) colliding.

This linear non-narrative uses both text and non-talent voiceovers (text-to-speech audio) that align the scientific with the philosophical. The voices were made by using excerpts from sources on Wikipedia. The bubbles were created using freely available “brushes” for Photoshop that were found online.

Anthony Stephenson 2016