In a slightly tangential relation to this discussion as part of the next EvenSalon: Either/Or on Sat. 30th at the Apiary in London we have two participants involved in arguments around Accelerationism.

Themed around Either/Or we're delighted to have presentations from David Cunningham of the Radical Philosophy collective/Univ. of Westminster, who wrote on 'Accelerationism and its discontents' and Daniel Rourke, co-founder of the Additivism Manifesto.

Full line up and details:



On 21/04/16 10:33, ruth catlow wrote:
Hi Netbehaviourists,

Welcome to the first day of 'We Need to Talk About Accelerationism' a month of art, discussion and exchange here on Netbehaviour and Neterarti ( (drop me a line if you need an invitation to Neterarti- it's invitation only at the moment to keep the spam at the gates).

Our idea is that in depth discussion can take place here, and that Neterarti provides the perfect platform for pithy punchy accelerationist performance.

Here is more info about why we think this is a worthwhile endeavour- along with some context and readings.

This recent article by Rob Myers, is helpful in that it concisely points to different uses of, and contexts for, the term 'Accelerationism' along with a commentary about its relevance to emancipatory practices in contemporary art .

As Marc said before, lots of people will have different ideas about what Accelerationism means to them and this is one of the reasons for this discussion taking place.
Everyone is welcome to join in however makes sense to them.

Let's go!


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