II Technoshamanism Meeting in Berlin!


We are organizing the II Technoshamanism Meeting in Berlin!

The event will take place on Sunday, July 17 at TOP eV <http://www.top-ev.de/top/schillerpalais/>, Schillerpalais (Schillerpromenade 4 – Berlin) from 2pm to midnight.

Do you remember our first encounter in Berlin <https://tecnoxamanismo.wordpress.com/2016/02/25/archives-of-technoshamanism-meeting-berlin2016/>?

Once again, we arecalling all the cyborgs, witches, heretics, technoshamans, programmers, hackers, artists, alchemists, thinkers and everyone who might be curiousto gather on sunday July 17, from 14:00  to midnight, in order to create discussions and practices regarding technoshamanism,thus strenghtening ournewly started community in Berlin.

This time,it will be a little different than the first one. The event will happen in one single day and the purposed subject which will form the basis of the activities will be: *II INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF TECNOSHAMANISM <https://tecnoxamanismo.wordpress.com/2016/06/01/call-for-participation-in-the-ii-international-festival-of-technoshamanism/>.*


In April/2014 we did the*I INTERNACIONAL TECNOSHAMANISM FESTIVAL <https://tecnoxamanismo.wordpress.com/2016/02/16/primeiro-festival-internacional-de-tecnoxamanismo/>*in Arraial d‘Ajuda in the south of Bahia/Brazil, in a permaculture and agroforestry site (Itapeco), in the vicinity of the Pataxó indigenous people.
It was anincredible meeting with so many interesting projects, and with the incisive participation of indigenous group Pataxo of “Aldeia Velha”. Two years after, a differentPataxo community invited us to make the*II International Festival*inside of their  community: Aldeia Para, the Mother community of Pataxo people. It will happend in Caraiva, Aldeia Para in one of the most beautiful and rustic villagesin southern Bahia.
To see some videos of the indigenous pataxos talking about the festival, here:



We want to take the opportunity of our stay in Berlin to make the II meeting to in order to strengthen the network and introduce the theme of the II Festival, that is “*resistance and networks in the anthropocene”*. We will follow the principlesof technoshamanism, which aims to connect new technologies with ancestralones in order to repair the historical division between the two kinds of knowledge. Technoshamanism intendsto createnew inputs for  unorthodox ways of thinkingregarding the development of free technology.
We know that there are so many interesting projects going on in the DIYscene in Berlin  dealing with matter, alterity, interespecifics, psychogeophysics, transcultural, body and so on. We want to approximate thesepractices with the technoshamanism enviroment.
*We have here some ideas:*
1-  What is the relationship between Hidden Services and the practices of revelation?
2- What is the connection between matter transformation and subjective transformation?
3- Is it possible to picturean ancesterfuturism without linearity?
4- What means make diy rituals or free cosmogony in a city so transcultural as Berlin?
All kind of practices in free technologies are in our view fundamental – landscape, body knowledge, electronics, healing rituals…
In the afternoon we will make various radio debates, workshops and after 21 pm we will make a  technoshamanist ritual in the basement. (Note, it is not hot inside).
*We do it for free, just because we want and can!!*
The program is still open!!
If you want to take part in this intense day, you are very welcome <https://openport-b.titanpad.com/15>.



*Carsten Agger *(Denmark) –  Baobáxia – an internet between quilombos – a community organized effort to preserve the cultural heritage of rural, often off-line and very dispersed Afro-Brazilian communities – and to liberate digital cultural work from the behemoths of Google and Facebook –

*Peggy Sylopp *(German) – A community of changemakers seeks to create a collaborative workspace for all who are developing innovative solutions linked to the social challenge of migration

*16:00 – OPEN SOURCE OBSERVATORIES – *Open Source Observatory is a distributed network of sites and gatherings for the observation of satellites, spacecraft and space junk.
*Kei Kreutler *(EUA – German) will show her research with space laboratorie

*Fabiane M. Borges*(Brazil) invites participants to experience a number of transnarratives and intertextualtechniques to produce a fiction whose elements will underliethe DIY ritual. This is one way to prepare an immersive ritual from a collective process.
Here is the call for such animmersive process organized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Capacete): http://capacete.org/?p=1966&lang=en
Documentation of thisprocess:
Obs: 1) The interested needs make registration by email catadores@gmail.com;
2) All the registered must start to write down their own dreams to bring tot the workshop;
3) It is important for us to collaboratewith all people and groups who want to work in the ritual.


*Performing Languages: *use of body techniques, improvisation scene , building individual and collective actions from auto-biographical studies , building expressive languages , ritualization , gestualization , states of presence, among others.

*Noiseo**crac**y**:*use of techniques of sound language , noise production ( digital and analog) , vocalization, narrative improvisation , building collective states of listening . Understanding the noise and disruption of communication beyond intelligibility: emission – redundancy – reception. The idea here is to build languages which exist between humans and other species .

*Fictional narratives:*fictionalization, development of collective writing transnarrative characters, character development, environments, contexts. Interescritures, cosmogonical production, mythical, metaphysical, several ontologies, treaties, free association writing.

*20:00 – BREAK – dinner time

Details to be specified.

*Organized by Fabiane M. Borges <https://catahistorias.wordpress.com/> (Brazil)andCarsten Agger <http://www.modspil.dk> (Denmark) in collaboration with TOP eV <http://www.top-ev.de/> and Freifunk <http://www.top-ev.de/>.

Technoshamanism network – http://technoshamanism.wordpress.com/
email: xamanismotecnologico@gmail.com
Colaborators: TOP eV http://www.top-ev.de/
Free digital networks and sharing of internet self organized by communities. The Freifunk Network in Berlin and Germany introduces itself, the social and political impact and the technical realization.


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