Dear Friends,

There is still time to apply to La Cura Summer School:

The summer school is a collaboration between La Cura, the global performance which I started in 2012 when I was diagnosed with a brain cancer, Nefula, ISIA Design university in Florence and the Triennale di Milano, and explores the interconnections between arts, sciences, technologies and society.

We will create an "augmented sense", a wearable technology that will enable people to experience on their bodies, through a new tactility, large scale, real-time online phenomena.

We will explore the opportunities and the critical issues connected to this possibility.

We will create the technology, an installation and an urban, large-scale architectural visualisation and we will exhibit at Milan's design Triennale.

The collaboration originates from the Triennale's theme "Design After Design", and with the participation to the "Condividi la Conoscenza" event on the theme "Living the city. Living the planet".

Here you can find a press release:

Feel free to ask for information and to forward to potentially interested people.


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