Hi All,

I'm Anita - this is my first post to net behaviour - it is a long one and doesn't really have answers just more questions is more focussed towards practice rather than theory. 

Thanks to Steven for kicking things off and Ruth and Marc for encouraging, responding and hosting and to  everyone who has commented so far.

I was also conflicted about the referendum not least by the process of using a simple yes / no response to a complex system, when many myself included have no full understanding of the system.

Further, although I am interested in self-organisation and all the possibilities that entails and have many concerns about 'big government' and neoliberal agendas I was aware that replacing one dysfunctional system with another would not give the 'solutions' that many of the voters whether leave or remain would hope for.

I also saw no whiff even of a plan and the chaos that would ensue by throwing the baby out with the bath water - these things amongst many were part of my considerations and decision making in voting to  remain. 

That said I am listening to many esp those who voted leave. For me this listening is crucial - I know it is not as simple as anti-immigration or lack of understanding that contributed to a leave result. 

So moving forward, now we have the situation we have, my particular considerations personally and professionally are how as artists (very broad church I know) might we intervene in a way that draws attention to the system, that is positive, sensitive and addresses eco-social justice. 

This is by no means a definitive list and aware many artists may not be interested in this - but for those that are I'm interested to hear what you are thinking about and focussing on - this is some of what  I am currently thinking of 
  • how do we / are we learning from other organisations and approaches?
  • how do we / are we sharing the knowledge skills and practice we all have beyond our networks / specific approaches to span arts, activism, community development,  elders groups, youth groups towards eco-social justice etc?
  • how do we / are we connecting with with artists, non-arts groups and developing diverse partnerships to harness our unique or expert skill sets?
  • how do we / are we safely and sensitively addressing difference of opinions, ideologies and extremism in our practices?
  • how do we / are we ensuring we do not make things worse
  • how do we / are we sustaining ourselves in all of this
I'd love to hear responses from others about their work, their considerations, what's worked and not worked - how you are thinking of or acting on moving forward, your  approaches - both in terms of practical aspects and the obstacles you face and how you overcome them including very personal aspects like fears, lack of confidence, skills etc. As a network of networks, the knowledge exists and perhaps by sharing these we can all 'up skill' and learn from each other.

 I have a particular systemic approach to making work that involves a  practical tools that encourages self-organisation and engagement and helps to embed eco-social justice in project development.  I am very happy to share if people are interested. I also have some useful tips from working in prisons and with vulnerable people.

Money is always an issue so while I'm not so interested in that I am interested in innovative ways and partnerships or models that is supporting work that we can learn from. 

I've been thinking about Usahidi as a shared central space to upload actions rather than crisis - https://www.ushahidi.com/features  Originally developed to log crisis in conflict situations I see the potential to create a shared space for shared action beyond discipline / profession specificity and forums - any thoughts on this or any existing platforms that could be used please advise. There's no need to reinvent the wheel but I also think a 'neutral' space that is not specific to one field or approach is important. 

I'm also going to do a separate post that might be of interest around eco-social justice and might be an opportunity for a platform rather than Usahidi.

Thank you and apologies in advance for any typos! 
Respect to all,

the solution is in the problem