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and, if indeed it is Guido's intention is to say nothing on the web page as we all visit noticing this aspect of the work, then we become part the artwork's context - that's conceptual Internet art! ;-)

wishing you well.


On 1 September 2016 at 16:49, John Hopkins <chazhop@gmail.com> wrote:
On 01/Sep/16 08:57, Randall Packer wrote:
But we can’t read what you are typing… so there is no content… is that the
point? I don’t mean to criticize the project as I am quite interested in the
idea of the open source broadcast of the artist at work, but the key thing is
knowing what the artist is saying, thinking, feeling, not just the artist as
an on/off switch.

Important points, Randall, my thots as well ... of course, if that's not what Guido wanted to do ... the old form/content issue in some way, but it brings up Roy Ascott's idea: "networking invites personal disclosure" ...

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