Thanks Guido for referencing the curatorial statement. I can see a connection between what you are doing and the Artist is Present by Marina Abramovic, in that she takes such a passive though open position in front of the viewer, revealing essentially nothing about herself, except perhaps what can be communicated through the expressionless gaze, although sometimes that gaze turned to tears. In your case, you are situating yourself as well in front of the viewer, “expressionless” in terms of not revealing anything about what you are typing except for your presence.


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Hi Randall,


thanks for all your answers. 
I'm quite a lazy and slowly guy and I'm not sure to give you the right answers but I'll try ;-)

For sure I can say that I wasn't interested in streaming the content of my keypressing activity. 
I know it could seem such an easy content but just want to give an ironical view of my presence in the act of typing.

You can see it as a sort of performative minimal/intimistic self portrait.

Or you can even see it as an ironical representation of how computer based art is made today: typing.
Or maybe as I wrote in the email I just want to suggest that art, as life, is what happens while you are typing.


Anyway I'm not so good with words :-) and I think Filippo Lorenzin - who curated the project for Arebyte - wrote some good considerations about the work that you can read here:

Thank you again for your interest!
All the best,





2016-09-01 17:59 GMT+02:00 Randall Packer <>:

John, excellent point. I think this piece brings up very interesting issues of authenticity, openness, disclosure, etc., in the act of the artist engaging the online viewer and performing via the network (or anyone for that matter). Guido, what are your thoughts on this? Or are you busy typing away right now… Perhaps you could use this listserv as an “open” networked feed for your project.

On 9/1/16, 11:49 AM, "John Hopkins" < on behalf of> wrote:

    On 01/Sep/16 08:57, Randall Packer wrote:
    > But we can’t read what you are typing… so there is no content… is that the
    > point? I don’t mean to criticize the project as I am quite interested in the
    > idea of the open source broadcast of the artist at work, but the key thing is
    > knowing what the artist is saying, thinking, feeling, not just the artist as
    > an on/off switch.

    Important points, Randall, my thots as well ... of course, if that's not what
    Guido wanted to do ... the old form/content issue in some way, but it brings up
    Roy Ascott's idea: "networking invites personal disclosure" ...

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