From Virtual Reality to 3D Internet
The festival opens on October 28 with special activities in London (The Attic -
Hackney Picture House), Barcelona (Arts Santa Mònica), Madrid (Espacio
Fundación Telefónica) and Alicante (MACA / Centro Las Cigarreras).
ArtFutura reaches its twenty-seventh edition in more than twenty cities including:
Alicante, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, London, Madrid, México, Paris and Torino.
Virtual Reality Second Wave and 3D Internet
By the end of 2016 the new Virtual Reality interfaces will be massively marketed. What makes them special? It is the improvements in computer graphics and its combination with the technology of the smartphones. In the next 12 months is predicted that more than 15 million of these devices will be sold.
Immersive Virtual Reality had its early beginnings in the early sixties but it was in the 90s, when it hit the mainstream, becoming extremely popular.
In January 1990 during the first ArtFutura edition in Barcelona, the public was able to experience for the first time in Europe, a Virtual Reality prototype. It was an interface presented by Eric Gullichsen from Autodesk. And Scott Fisher, from the NASA’s Ames Research Center, showed videos of his pioneering experiments in Virtual Reality.
Now in its 27th edition, ArtFutura will reflect with the perspective of all these years.
Thursday 27, October 2016:
• 3D Futura Show - Computer graphics. Including works by Studio Smack, James Cunningham, Seccovan, Tomer Eshed, Bose Collins, Camille Chaix, Hugo Jean, Juliette Jourdan, Marie Pillier, Kevin Roger and others.  Duration: 1 hour.
• Futura Graphics - Digital animations. Works by Aardman Studios, Moth, Julius Horsthuis, Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Kris Merc, Hannes Knutsson and others.  Duration: 1 hour. 
• ArtFutura Premiere 2016 - Duration: 1 hour. 
Saturday, 29 October 2016: 
• Live presentation -Jake Williams in collaboration with visual artists Will Young and Ben Gannaway. "Fragments" is a full-dome generative 3D ambisonic live performance created on residency at the SAT in Montreal 2 years ago, and performed multiple times at Mutek/EM15. They are now developing it for VR headsets. Visuals created in VVVV. Duration: 30 minutes. 
• Live presentation - William Latham . William Latham. 4K HD Video called Organic Art VR (which is a view of a VR Experience). Duration: 1 hour. Talk in English
• Reality… What a Concept! From Virtual Reality to Expanded Reality. Including segments on the recent work of Mediamonks, Tippet Studios, Arnold Abadie, John Carmack, Sentient Flux, Keiichi Matsuda, “Uncanny Valley”, Clyde DeSouza, Pattie Maes, Xavier Benavides and Judith Amores (MIT Media Lab). Duration: 1 hour.
• Artworks - New media and digital artworks in video format. With works by WOW Inc., Théoriz, Sila Sveta Studio, Squidsoup, Daniel Canogar and others. Duration: 30 minutes.
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