Hi Ruth I wanted to say what a nicely made piece of work this is. It's a really compelling watch & I hope the launch goes well tonight. By the bye I do love the kind of hyper territory it creates by seamlessly melding the South Bank and an unfeasibly sunny Finsbury Park/Seven Sisters Road.My only reservation is that in all honesty  I'm not sure how much more clued about the blockchain I am at the end of it. I'm guessing that it is a vehicle for starting a debate. I wonder if there is a place for an idiot's guide to the blockchain with nice graphics &c....
Anyway hope it goes great tonight...

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Hi All,

We have made a short film called The Blockchain- Change Everything Forever about the impact of blockchain technologies. You can read about it and watch it online here. The London launch of the film is this Thursday evening - see below for details and sign up if you want to come along. We'd love to see you there.

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Furtherfield would like to invite you to a Blockchain Meetup on 27 October 6-8pm hosted by Digital Catapult at the Digital Catapult Centre, 101 Euston Road London, NW1 2RA
The meetup will launch the ‘Blockchain: Change Everything Forever’ film with drinks and networking for people interested in future possibilities for blockchain technologies.
During the meetup we’ll look to broaden and engage the discussion further to understand:
What can a blockchain do?
Who builds this new reality?
How will we rule ourselves?
How will the future be different because of the blockchain?
The Blockchain – Change everything forever is part of Furtherfield's Art Data Money programme which seeks to build a commons for the arts in the network age.
Furtherfield is supported by Arts Council England through the National Portfolio funding programme, Haringey Council and the generosity of individual supporters.


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