I wasn't disagreeing with Michael; I was endorsing his disagreement with Adorno.

Being prescriptive about art is always a mug's game, in my view. Even saying that you should never be prescriptive about art is probably too prescriptive - because I do quite like some manifestos, for example the Imagist manifesto.


On 05/06/17 09:35, ruth catlow wrote:

I didn't take Michael's text as a rule or a command. More as a heartfelt invitation to use all our powers to co-create an expanded and enriched vision of life and communality, in which humans have a central role ...

...which I greatly appreciated.


 On 04/06/17 21:07, Edward Picot wrote:

I agree. We have to try to be adequate to our feelings about the time in which we live - but ruling certain things either in or out of art because they don't or do seem 'appropriate to our era' isn't really an adequate response, I don't think.


On 04/06/17 12:06, Michael Szpakowski wrote:


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