Review of PRISONERS OF DISSENT: Locked Up for Exposing Crimes | By Berit Gilma.

The Disruption Network Lab’s most recent event urgently suggested the necessity for a global paradigm shift on the perception whistleblowers: from prosecuted traitors to celebrated truth-tellers. Berit Gilma reviews the contributions from a former CIA analyst, MI5 intelligence officer, human rights activist and activist performance artist.

"On January 17th 2017 outgoing American President Barack Obama commuted the 35 year sentence of whistleblower Chelsea Manning. She was to be released on May 17th 2017. The Disruption Network Lab (DNL) Berlin has in the past addressed various forms of disruption techniques. In celebration of Manning’s release, the DNL, which is under the curation of Tatiana Bazzichelli, decided to devote their latest event, Prisoners of Dissent, Locked Up for Exposing Crimes to the voices of dissent of our time."

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