Thanks Mark!

And thanks Michael and Alan.

The interview is superb and reinforces my conviction that whenever possible we should tip ourselves *Art First* into life.

Please any Netbehaviourists get to the Children of Prometheus exhibition opening this Friday if you can.

You will meet Alan in the flesh.... and/or attend his talk at Furtherfield Commons next Wednesday evening. It would be so brilliant to manifest the NB network in the flesh.


On 29/06/17 11:35, Mark Hancock wrote:
This is a great interview. 

Can I just say: I don't know what's in the cyber-water across Furtherfield and associated collaborator networks right now, but the past few months have been totally invigorating and inspiring. Stay strong and keep doing whatever it is everyone who drinks deep from the well of net art/digital media art does.

You are all needed today more than ever before.

On 28 June 2017 at 10:45, Marc.garrett <> wrote:
An Interview with Alan Sondheim

By Michael Szpakowski.

On the occasion of his talk at Furtherfield Commons this coming Wednesday 5 July, and participation in the Children of Prometheus exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery we present an interview conducted by the artist and writer Michael Szpakowski in which Sondheim gives a broad overview of his artistic formation, practice and philosophy. Alan Sondheim has been ploughing a very singular furrow through art, music, writing, philosophy, technology, and much else since the late sixties.

Wishing you well


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