Hi all
I saw this but briefly on Friday night ( I had something long planned I had to get to) but the thing that struck me is how handsome and confident the whole show looks.
There a sense of maturity, of purpose, about every show that happens at Furtherfield.
I've seen this grow over the years - the shows have never been anything but good,what the latest few have had is that sense of cogency and necessity that comes with a really good show and this one epitomises that trajectory.
I looked quite closely at Alan's work which is as one would expect, great, both the videos and the 3d prints..
I wasn't able to give anything but the most cursory of looks at the other work but Simon's work looked very interesting and engaging & I look forward to inspecting it in a lot more detail and the Carla Ganni 'Bosch' work makes an immediate and formidable impression.
Definitely a show worth spending a proper amount of time at, which is what I'll be doing next visit  :)