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Clickmine by Sarah Friend (Canada)

We are pleased to announce this new co-commission by NEoN and Futherfield

Selected from an open call circulated as part of Furtherfield’s ongoing investigations into the politics of the blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency systems and NEoN’s programme using ‘media archaeology’ to uncover and reconsider the obsolete, persistent, and hidden material cultures of the technological age. The online work will be available soon and a free to play version will be exhibited at the upcoming NEoN festival in Dundee

Clickmine is a hyperinflationary ERC-20 token that is minted by a clicking game. Clicking games, like cookie clicker and cow clicker, are the reductio ad absurdum of a ‘game’ (brutalist with a sense of humour). The cryptocurrency ecosystem, (particularly the Ethereum network), has been overrun by the phenomena of token sales or International Coin Offerings (ICOs). The fervor to purchase ERC-20 tokens (a meta currency that exists on top of Ethereum itself) has
reached such an intensity that it stalls the processing time of the network. This has already prompted the creation of satirical coins UselessToken and Ponzicoin. Clickmine moves similar mechanics onto the blockchain, in a hypercapitalist frenzy that makes the generation of useless wealth via clicking more literal than ever before.

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