Yes, I've seen this circulating.

Some further research needed I think.

But first some cheering art that speaks to these concerns. Julian Oliver's Harvest - Wind energy used to mine cryptocurrency to fund climate research.

These are the things I want to know - need to research.

1) How do Blockchain based emissions compare to those of other global communication and trading network infrastructures such as: 
- Other currency and financial trading systems (including High Frequency Trading)
- Streaming video servers for Netflix, Amazon etc

I wish the person who had penned this blog had done more to compare like with like. Anyone got a nice online resource we can point to?

2) And what is the carbon emission prognosis is for newer developments in blockchain technologies that use Proof-of-Stake rather than Proof-of-Work.

Bitcoin was the first, there are a many other blockchain technologies now developing different (including much more energy efficient) approaches.

Can we combine efforts here. Figures/references anyone please?


On 04/11/17 13:06, Alan Sondheim wrote:

ah well, this just came over, comments?

- Alan
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