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An online ritual of contemplation on our situation of being together while being separated.

You are welcome
December 1st, 7.30 – 7.45 pm
(Paris time – find your time here).

If you want to join in this contemplation, you need to install the zoom application on your computer or cell phone and connect from 7.25 pm to meeting no 3210554238.

Distant Feeling(s) #4 is the  fourth session in a series of online webcam meetings trying to experience each other’s presence eyes closed and no talking.

Distant Feeling(s) #4 is the first of a livelong yearly reconnection. An ever-changing re-enactment of our intra-action with machines.

Distant Feeling(s) : a project by Lisa Parra, New York, Daniel Pinheiro, Porto and Annie Abrahams, Montpellier.

See you not then and there
Annie, Daniel and Lisa


Distant Feelings #4  December 1st, 7.30 – 7.45pm Paris time. Online. Open for all to join in.

Ours Lingages documentation: video trailer, full edit, script and more. Annie Abrahams, Daniel Pinheiro, Isabel Costa, Igor Stromajer, Outranspo - Lily Robert-Foley - Camille Bloomfield - Jonathan Baillehache, Jan de Weille, Rui Torres, Helen Varley Jamieson, Anna Tolkacheva and the

Interview Addictive behaviours Interview with Artist Annie Abrahams by Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett for Furtherfield.

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