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I would like to share information about our forthcoming symposium at Watermans, On Technology and the Nature of Truth, which might be of interest to some of you. 

The event is free, but we have limited spaces; you can book a place here:

On Technology and the Nature of Truth
Saturday 3 March, 11.30 - 16.30 

In the current age of rapid changes, challenges, and accelerating technological developments, we are being swallowed by constant information streams and a hyper-networked world. We now have at our disposal access to digital tools and vast amounts of knowledge, being connected more than ever, yet, we are deluged with misinformation and uncertainty.

In a digital age, where technology is inseparable from our everyday life, we know very little about it; we are oblivious to what lies beneath the shiny surface and issues behind our tech.
Algorithms designed to customise our news feeds gives us what we and our associates want to see, while the same algorithms evaluate our work, monitor our health, assess our eligibility for loans, calculate the cost of our insurance, target us for votes, and so on. These are just some of the areas where mathematical models, rather than humans, make decisions that affect our lives. And as we now know, these systems can be unregulated, biased and lack transparency. Very often they are wrong but also indisputable.

These examples of technological integration in all aspects of our lives lead to many questions.
One such question is if we are slowly moving into a world that we can no longer control.
How can art help us reflect and engage critically with moral and ethical debates at a time when environmental, social, political, economic and humanitarian crises abound? Can art help us look beyond the surface and navigate through a complex technological world? How can art activity power social, political, economic or environmental action or even change? And how can education prepare us for the future?

In a day of conversation and talks we are inviting artists, thinkers, educators, activists and the public to help us explore some of these questions.

11.30 Introduction: Irini Papadimitriou
11.40 Opening talk on technology and the nature of truth: Georgia Dyer-Ward
12.10 Panel discussion: technology, society and the critical role of art: Bill Balaskas, Georgia Dyer-Ward, Luba ElliottNye Thompson
13.30 lunch break
14.30 Session introduction: Eszter Bircsák
14.45 Art and participation: There There performance company, Dana Olărescu
15.00 Interventionist spaces for education, Jon Halls and Jaione Cerrato 
15.15 Participate! The importance of non-formal education and counter narrative, mediated discussion by Dana Olărescu and Eszter Bircsák
16.15 Closing remarks
16.20 Symposium ends

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Head of New Media Arts Development
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