Research Assistant

Coventry University - Faculty of Arts and Humanities - The Centre for Postdigital Cultures

The Centre for Postdigital Cultures (CPC) is a major new initiative that builds on the strong and distinctive track record of scholars at the university encompassing a range of disciplines in the arts and humanities. This is the chance for you to join the CPC team at the beginning of its journey and to play a significant role in the development of impactful research activity within the emerging field of postdigital cultures.

Established in 2017, the Centre for Postdigital Cultures is a new Research Centre, located in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Coventry University.  Led by Prof. Gary Hall, the Centre explores how innovations in postdigital cultures can enable 21st century society respond to the challenges it faces at a global, national and local level.

- how we receive, consume and process information

- how we learn, work, and travel

- how we engage and regenerate our communities  

What Do We Mean By Postdigital Cultures?

"The digital" can no longer be understood as a separate domain of media and culture.  If we actually examine the digital - rather than taking it for granted we already know what it means - we see that today digital information processing is present in every aspect of our lives. This includes our global communication, entertainment, education, energy, banking, health, transport, manufacturing, food, and water-supply systems. Attention therefore needs to turn from "the digital", to the various overlapping processes and infrastructures that shape and organise the digital, and that the digital helps to shape and organise in turn.

The CPC investigates such enmeshed digital models of culture, society, and the creative economy for the 21st century"postdigital" world.

Research Areas covered by the Centre include:

- Creative Archiving and International Heritage

- Digital Arts and Humanities

- Post-humanities

- Affirmative Disruption and Open Media

- The 21st Century University and Art School

- Post-Capitalist Economies

The role of Research Assistant is to assist with all aspects of the Research Centre and typically includes a range of duties and responsibilities depending on the requirements of the post:

- Assist with and contribute to research and consultancy activity under the line management, supervision and guidance of senior managers in the CPC

- Undertake own small projects, assisting with international research and submission of funding bids, with support from line manager and the support of the research centre in general

- Support the communication of outputs of research activity. This is likely to include: producing statistical and other analyses, reports and publications, preparing and contributing to presentations, videos, workshops, seminars and local/national peer-reviewed conferences, preparing papers for steering groups and other bodies

- Assisting with papers and posters for peer reviewed submission

- Produce summary reports to stakeholders and funders (with guidance).

Closing date: 22nd April 2018