is not really my website, is just something i found that i think can be really helpful for someone with no knowledge of privacy/alternatives

there must be more of this websites somewhere, let's find out !

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Hi nacho,

Thanks for sharing this info - will submit what I come across, either here on your site.

The site is a great source for presenting in a straight forward way how to create privacy online :-)

wishing you well.


Hi everyone

i quit my social media (also google and dropbox) some months ago, and now with all the Cambridge Analitica, ect, news, all my friends are asking me lot of questions, why, how, when, and specially they ask for alternatives and websites with more info.

more than trying to make a list (which would be also very interesting) of services i'm interested in those websites with lot of information and alternatives. if you happen to have similar ones, please share. i have bookmarket this one: