Registration for workshops and conference is now open. Early-bird prices until the end of May!

Lighting design education​ plays an important role in the TAVA2018 program. This time we welcome everybody to take part in the three different workshops. We will continue with ​IALD Architectural Lighting Design Workshops​ lead by experienced designers from all over the globe: Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar (India), Johan Röklander (Sweden), Ruta Palionyte & Silmas Rinkevicus (Lithuania).

Preparations for TAVA2016 architectural lighting design workshop at Tartu Dome Cathedral. Photo: Annika Haas

“Lighting design workshops with “hands-on” methodology are quite rare in the world and we are expecting a big interest and lots of participants,” said the curator of the workshops Sabine De Schutter. All participants will have an unique possibility to work together with the world famous lighting designers and co-create the lighting concept of three well-known buildings of Tartu: St. John’s Church, Tartu Toy Museum and Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

The second target of the lighting design education of TAVA2018 is the ​mapping workshop​ lead by video-artist Alyona Movko, who is famous for her original ideas in the area of video art and mapping. She is currently driving the Eurovision public crazy with her unique video mapping of the Estonian ​singer Elina Nechayeva‘s dress​.

The results of both workshops can be seen and enjoyed by festival visitors from around the world on October 25-28 at TAVA2018 Lightpath.
Also, TAVA2018 will continue exploring interactive art​.​ The single-day workshop(Oct 27) is lead by Varvara&Mar, a duo of local active artists who are also the curators of TAVA2018 cityspace light-installations.

Singer Elina Nechayeva in Eurovision song contest covered with a beautiful video projection by Alyona Movko. Photo:

Soon after the workshop week, on October 25.-26, an international Lighting Design and Light Art Conference will take place. The speakers include experienced professionals who are either working in or researching in the field of light, perception and public space. The first day is concentrating purely on lighting design. In parallel to the first day, a Lightfair that connects lighting companies, service providers and manufacturers will take place.
The second day, named “​ArtistTALK about LIGHTart​”, is more artistic and performative as it focuses solely on light-art.

Most of the hotels and hostels of Tartu will support participants with special discounted prices for accomondation. Use this fantastic opportunity to educate yourself and make new connections during TAVA2018 workshops and conference. Register now! Early-bird prices are offered until the end of May, places are limited.


TAVA2018 is going to be ELECTRIC! To lighten it up even more you’re welcome to join the network of TAVA partners and sponsors. More information will be revealed in upcoming newsletters. Stay tuned for TAVA2018 wavelength!


Varvara & Mar OÜ