In addition to the works in the exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery, Playbour: Work, Pleasure, Survival also features 3 social media commissions.

Feminist Economics Yoga by Cassie Thornton @Rextronics
If you hate yoga, if you hate the commercialization of yoga, if you hate how it 'flexes' your politics until they go limp, if you hate yourself for doing yoga...then... support FEY on kickstarter! #playbour #yoga #feministeconomics #collectiverevenge

Confessional Viral Hoax Engine by @MariaDada
A micro-propaganda machine with a difference. Usually used to shape public opinion by spreading fake news this "hoax engine" confesses its motives for posting, re-posting messages.

GLOBAL CAPITAL FLOWS by @Miranda__Hall and @hollyisard1
"My fluids are being sucked into the global flows of capital. They call it 'data economy.'"

Playbour: Work, Pleasure, Survival is open every weekend at Furtherfield Gallery until Sunday 19 Aug 2018

Curated by Dani Admiss
Concept development Dani Admiss and Cecilia Wee.

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