that's what i thought, there must be a few other old hands like me out there who still used this hosting service.

anyway, the mystery has been solved - i just recieved this email:


We have send the following notification to all the clients last month.

Notification from: CBTS

July 10, 2018

First, we’d like to thank you for your business through

However, I regret to notify you that will terminate service at 5PM on the 31st of July 2018. Please allow this letter to serve as a notice of termination of services.
On October 2, 2017 CBTS acquired OnX Enterprise Solutions, the owner and operator of After a review of the combined services, we have determined that the service is not core to our ongoing business model.

Ultrahosting Support 

i never recieved any notification email, & it's very unprofessional to send only a single email, 3 weeks before termination, & nothing else - no announcement on the ultrahosting website or message on their phones or anything ...

i've started organising another web host (going back to my home town in nz to a little company that is friendly & cheap - thanks for the other suggestions sent) & on the bright side i will use it as an opportunity to do some digital de-cluttering.

h : )

On 15.08.2018 11:20, ruth catlow wrote:
Fraid not Helen.
I wonder if the Rhizome people know anything about it. If it's effected you it has probably hit a number of people in our field.
Good luck!

On 14/08/18 12:35, Thomas Asmuth via NetBehaviour wrote:
Ouch! That sounds bad; you must be frustrated. I hope it works out. I favorably recommend Blue Host. 

On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 4:38 AM, helen varley jamieson <> wrote:


is there anyone else on this list who has sites hosted at the canadian company ultrahosting? i have my sites there because way back in 2002 i signed up for a rhizome fundraiser, where they partnered with a company called broadspire to provide web hosting for artists & rhizome got a small cut from every customer. over the years broadspire got bought out or merged a couple of times & at some point turning into ultrahosting.

since last wednesday my sites have vanished from the web - i can still see the files via ftp, & email is working, but my sites are offline & i can't access the plesk control panel or mysql. i raised a support ticket & got the automated reply, but nothing further. in the past they have been pretty good at responding within a few hours - now it's almost a week.

i called the company a couple of times on friday & sat on hold for ages then left a message. no-one has called back. i've hunted on their website for other contact details & emailed sales & careers, but no response. the website has no notice of any major problem. i followed links to their twitter & fb accounts & found these defunct. the blog on their website isn't working & some of the contact forms fail. it's all a bit mysterious & suspicious!

so, while i set about finding a new hosting company (any recommendations?) i just wondered if anyone else on this list is also with ultrahosting & perhaps having similar problems?

h : /

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