it does look interesting ... i have no experience with it (yet) ...

On 24.08.2018 14:15, Lena Brüggemann wrote:

hi everyone,

just stumbled upon p2p websites, so no servers would be needed anymore.

Sounds like an interesting idea. Does anyone has experience with it?

btw. strange feeling to write something after years of only following the list...


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Am 14.08.2018 um 11:38 schrieb helen varley jamieson:


is there anyone else on this list who has sites hosted at the canadian company ultrahosting? i have my sites there because way back in 2002 i signed up for a rhizome fundraiser, where they partnered with a company called broadspire to provide web hosting for artists & rhizome got a small cut from every customer. over the years broadspire got bought out or merged a couple of times & at some point turning into ultrahosting.

since last wednesday my sites have vanished from the web - i can still see the files via ftp, & email is working, but my sites are offline & i can't access the plesk control panel or mysql. i raised a support ticket & got the automated reply, but nothing further. in the past they have been pretty good at responding within a few hours - now it's almost a week.

i called the company a couple of times on friday & sat on hold for ages then left a message. no-one has called back. i've hunted on their website for other contact details & emailed sales & careers, but no response. the website has no notice of any major problem. i followed links to their twitter & fb accounts & found these defunct. the blog on their website isn't working & some of the contact forms fail. it's all a bit mysterious & suspicious!

so, while i set about finding a new hosting company (any recommendations?) i just wondered if anyone else on this list is also with ultrahosting & perhaps having similar problems?

h : /

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