Till the end
Maybe a neverending (time)line

Algorithmic task performance, Video, duration variable
2019 - ∞

Half a weird attempt of preserving memory from the Internet and half an algorithmic endurance performance, Fino alla fine (Till the end) is the attempt to trace a potentially infinite line in time joining together the very first second of life of amatorial youtube videos.

The result is an evergrowing video collage where intimate stories from all over the internet are intertwined by an automatic process of accumulation running 24/7.

Publicly released in february, during the homonim solo exhibition at ADIACENZE in Bologna, the ongoing video is currently 4 hours 30 minutes long and in a couple of year it's going to be one of the longest timeline on the Internet.

For what it worths...

Last but not least, the video has been sonorized with a monotone music by friend and legendary musician Luca Leggero.

Watch the video
> https://guidosegni.com/finoallafine

Guido Segni
Art is unhappening


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