Thanks - there's another video with the workmen in the room, very noisy; I may do something with that, but I didn't know what to do with accreditation (I don't think they'd care, but I felt awkward).
There's also of course Wanda Landowska's harpsichord playing with bombing going on in the distance, famous recording from WWII. -

- Alan

On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 9:26 AM Johannes Birringer (Staff) <> wrote:
hi Alan

interesting idea, playing/going  with the traffic!
I was editing some rehearsal footage this morning
from last year (when i attended Station House Opera's final rehearsals for "At Home in Gaza and London")
and there is this beautiful monologue by an actress in London and an actress in Gaza (superimposed),
in English and Arabic but accompanied by a horrible noise track, now I remember there were jackhammers
for construction right outside the windows.

I'll take the scene to a workshop on "Telematics and Migration" in Bucharest. Will report later.

Johannes Birringer
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sound in the construction zone VIDEO

window construction in 'our place' and here we go with traffic
sounds, construction sounds, some sort of local mayhem. during
the breaks, electric. i keep playing, largely by myself; we
hope tomorrow, Azure and i with Jessica again. it's a very fast
guitar. it's raining out. later, back to texts and the dreaming
of a literary life.

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