& past twilight into the night

http://www.alansondheim.org/flows.mp4 video

& demonstration of the flows of starlings in ragged murmuration
flights, the roof as momentary stasis, multiple flight paths,
circulations, catastrophe theory comes to mind, choices of
individual birds, flows &divisions, turbulence, turbulent
'animals' (appearance of partial and momentary pattern stases),
the 'swirl,' the imminent landings (roof, nearby tree), our own
expectancy (sitting nearby for an hour, waiting for the coming
murmuration) -

to "wait"
to "wait for"
to "await"


( again, http://www.alansondheim.org/murmuration.mp3 )

the murmuration has settled into the tree
as light falls & fails, the starlings move towards the center
almost invisible & the camera records a few traces
the noise diminishes slightly, birds among communal warmth
surely warmth, companionship, protection, a temporary home
never refugees, always homes, always a settling, chattering
here & there, the nearby, o heidegger why could you
seeing as informing, capitulation, as listening, habitus
hearing as informing, as coming about, familiality
but listening to them, their world, their customs, cultures
for none are one & many, all of us one & many among them
we remain quiet, beyond, the darkness surrounds us
o starlings, o murmuring murmurations