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The Burrow is an online show part of the Very Large Works pavilion in The Wrong Biennale (Nov 2019 - Mar 2020): Inspired by the Aardvark; who digs to escape when attacked and will leave its home for others to use when relocating. The aardvark reminds us to think with our claws; no one expects us to dig when they force us to move, still in compliance but keeping our space. Then we can tickle the feet of our oppressors as they try to pass.

Here we will comfort the hidden and deride the veiled, invite the reclusive and berate the secluded. Here we can listen to those who must never speak, look for things we have lost and spy on spies spying on us. We are looking to explore themes of the hidden, silent, overlooked or secretive; the forgotten and misremembered; and the self-defeating. To contend feedback loops without feedback or to amuse the trapped.

To participate you may submit works or tunnels, for online display. For works most media are welcome; A/V, image, text, documentation, (other). Tunnels are two-way connections with other projects; want to run a mutual ad-campaign, have The Burrow take part in a project we also display or make infinite mirrors with iframes? Get in touch.
The Burrow is a secondary space of the Very Large Works pavilion in The Wrong's online biennial (Nov 2019 - Mar 2020). For more info on these, see:,

To participate in the burrow, you are invited to subscribe to the discussion list. Submit works, ideas for tunnels, and pose questions by writing to the list or by emailing directly to:

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