Good point!

Maybe, "being, unfolding, making explicate
Grammar on the fly, with no thought yet
Of learning, teaching, or being taught
All kin, earliest folk, all groups greater than one
Since the first cell and first particle"?

It's a hardscrabble gleaning sometimes;
More when my leaves are falling like its own! 

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love this, only wanted to say that there was always already grammar,
always already structure to being in the world, not " Early folk creating
grammar on the fly, far from learning it or being taught it. "
we were never, none of us in the world, nor animals, nor any, creating
grammar that way; I remember Heinz von Foerster describing culture
beginning with negation, even amoeba have culture, have that -

Best!, Alan

On Tue, 27 Aug 2019, Max Herman via NetBehaviour wrote:

> Take a pebble for instance, an item,
> One of the few and many that can be picked up by hand.
> Some are like this.
> Some can also be instruments, sticks or stones, alongside the immovable
> base-grounds.
> Hence thou hast compositions, counting, forms, names, phrases, and such.
> Early folk creating grammar on the fly, far from learning it or being taught
> it.
> What counts the quiet though, the quietus?
> There can be no count without that, no seeing, not even any hearing.
> Well the breathing counts it, says the brain.
> Imagine all paint and no canvas!
> You lose track of your sons.
> Were they ever even yours, oh fleet of foot?
> Wild turkeys cross the streets coolly around here,
> Up from the Mississippi,
> And I thank them daily for it.
> More than one story-set or circle of the world
> Calls life breath, the one and the all
> An old-time bellows or mill that moves particles
> Like Da Vinci drew
> Each pebble a point and a pointer, if marked,
> And of course a black square.
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> Goddess of Storms and Alphabets
> I'm not sure how language would begin, not sure how language would
> be recorded as a gesture accompanied by a sound. Sure to be sounds
> accompanying gestures that hardened, somewhen into a signal or
> call, somehow a meaning. The sounds were ghostings, heard over the
> hill around the hill in the forest across the stream behind the
> rocks above the cliffs within the caves, the gestures were bodies,
> the bodies were breathing, there were two directions, into the
> lungs, out from the lungs. There were swirls and whirlwinds and the
> world breathed and was given body and bodies. It was cool to hear a
> knowledge from one who was knowing, invisible, elsewhere. There
> were cries too from the woundings, there were disappearances of
> familiar voices from leaving and dying which returned in memories
> and dreams made real with them, the waking in the night, the
> weeping and ululations. The world was enormous and narrow and all
> around and the same for many comings and goings for weeks and
> months at a time, or just a vision around the boulder surface or
> from the sky when things moved there, as they always did. The world
> was always different than the world, and always new and old, and
> always the world. The murmuring of the world was everywhere and
> everywhen and when that became language and accountancy, everything
> moved away, quietly, until distance itself became unfathomable,
> unknown even in its familiarity. Sure to be sounds, sure to be.
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