I put my old antiquated and unwatchable video back online at youtube "genius2000 network."  Does that count as 2?  🙂

There is something at the core of humanity and of the universe which cannot be artificed, which cannot be artificial.  That's just how it is.  Without it you just have hollow.  

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ice hockey: there should be at least 2 pucks in play at all


Connected to host lambda.moo.mud.org ( port
                           *  Welcome to LambdaMOO!  *

                      Running Version 1.8.3+47 of LambdaMOO

>> for quite some time I've been wanting to return to the
text-based MOO as that's probably where I can most closely
locate what may have been the genesis of the california
ideology, although it had other names and places and
portals, just like these text-based, and other subsequent
digital manifestations, of expansive/inclusive worlds... I'd
like to install a (rewritten-in-progress) MOO on my tiny
Raspberry PI... I may do it anyway even though it will
likely be under-utilized.

For assistance either now or later, type `help'.
The lag is low; there are 27 connected.
*** Connected ***
The Linen Closet
The linen closet is a dark, snug space, with barely enough
room for one person in it.  You notice what feel like
towels, blankets, sheets, and spare pillows.  One useful
thing you've discovered is a metal doorknob set at waist
level into what might be a door.  Next to it is a spring
lever labeled 'NOISY!'.  There is also a small button set
into the wall.


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