Thanks Max,
This seems interesting, maybe useful - I will keep it in mind (free flowing for now)

On Sun, Sep 22, 2019 at 9:57 PM Max Herman <> wrote:

I like the use of nonrecursion, if that is not too off base.

In neuroscience, the Default Mode Network is interesting.  It's a network in each of our brains that kind of "kicks in" during resting state, perhaps integrating, perhaps involving mindfulness.  I'm not expert at all but gleaned some of this from Olaf Sporns' 2011 "Networks if the Brain" which a friend recently recommended to me.

The DMN it was recently learned also may have a role in active state for cognition of self and situation of self. 

I can't really articulate this very well but I think the art event will so look forward to it. 

Perhaps this quote from Sporns can help me: "Great progress notwithstanding, neuroscience still cannot answer the 'big questions' about mind and intelligence.  Consequently, most cognitive scientists continue to hold the position that intelligence is fundamentally the work of symbolic processing, carried out in rule-based computational architectures whose function can be formally described in ways that are entirely independent of their physical realization.  If cognition is largely symbolic in nature, then its neural substrate is little more than an inconsequential detail, revealing nothing that is of essence about the mind.  Naturally, there is much controversy on the subject." (Networks of the Brain, page 179.)

The ideas about the DMN are page 176:. "The relationship of task-evoked brain activations with resting-state networks has been documented....[There is] significant overlap between brain regions identified as centrally involved in social cognitive processes and the brain's default network....This suggests the idea that the physiological baseline of the brain is related to a 'psychological baseline,' a mode of cognition that is directed internally rather than being externally driven and that is concerned with self and social context."

Page 181: "Cognition is a network phenomenon....
Yet...[parallel distributed processing oriented models'] utility as models of actual neural processes was limited since their computational paradigms often imposed narrow constraints on the types of network structures and dynamics that could be implemented."

To help myself understand and integrate Sporns' ideas, it helps me to include Bohm's ideas in "On Dialogue" (1996) about "non-occupation" and "interoception of thought," as well as free-flowing non-determinative shared information groups.  This recipe then requires that I add James Austin's ideas from his 1998 book "Zen and the Brain," which works better for me somehow if done via his first book, from 1979, "Chase, Chance, and Creativity."  Then to add a final missing compass-point I try to include Calvino's "Six Memos fro the Next Millennium" from 1985 which argues on page 124 that the novel is a network and the self is a network.

Sorry for missing italics and typos, hand-typing on phone with one thumb. 

It helps me to keep the physical copies of the four books mentioned close by, like bricks or stones.  Looking around the room, they are in order left-to-right and high-to-low Calvino, Austin, Bohm, Sporns; correction, Calvino, Bohm, Austin, Sporns.

Somewhat related, I've been trying to think about an undergraduate curricular concentration in Network Studies and haven't found much yet.  Is anyone doing this in a concerted way, or, anticlimactically, everyone, since years ago?  :)

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Subject: Re: [NetBehaviour] distant feeling - resisting speed - you are welcome to join
no Ruth people online won't hear the sound file at all
only people in Malte in realspace will hear it while watching the people online busy distanced feeling and resisting speed

afterwards we will make a video out of the screenrecording and the audiofile

On Sat, Sep 21, 2019 at 12:47 PM Ruth Catlow via NetBehaviour <> wrote:
Does this mean that those people who join online will hear the sound file in the room in Malta? 
Beautiful recursion!

On Fri, Sep 20, 2019 at 2:26 PM Annie Abrahams via NetBehaviour <> wrote:
Next Thursday 26/09 2019 at 18h30 Paris time you are welcome to join us for a session of distanced feeling.

Distant FeelingS a series of online webcam meetings trying to experience each other’s presence eyes closed and no talking.
Distant FeelingS an ever-changing re-enactment of our intra-action with machines.
Distant FeelingS creates an online communality while resisting the speed of daily live and producing uninteresting data for AI?

You need to install the zoom application on your device and on the 26th connect at 6:25 pm Paris time to meeting no 3210554238.
At t=0 we set a clock and close our eyes.

Distant FeelingS #6 will be projected live during the opening ceremonies of Video Vortex Malta.
The session will last 15 min.
In Malta there will be one onstage participant. During the session the audience in Malta will hear a soundfile: a textcollection of past participant reactions spoken by Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett.

It would be lovely to feel some of you online next Thursday.

(btw online there is no soundfile - we will publish it later together with the recording of the session)

"Looking" forward


Preconditions for Online Participation for PAIC (2018)
Learn together what it means to be connected my chapter in Cyposium the Book (2014) and
Trapped to Reveal - On webcam mediated communication and Collaboration (2012) published in JAR #2
now all three on academia.
ConstallationsOuverture for Radio Play #7. Played live online Sunday 25 Aug. 7pm UTC+01 2019 via channingtatum.
Mixage: Annie Abrahams.
Voices: Annie Abrahams, Alix Desaubliaux, Pascale Barret.
Laughs: Alice Lenay, Gwendoline Samidoust, Alix Desaubliaux, Annie Abrahams and Carin Klonowski.
Music: "Ouverture 14" by Jan de Weille.

More photos by Peter Westenberg of the ConstallationS event at ISELP Brussels last Mai.

Upcoming 12/10 Performance XD,^_^,:3,:-D, Annie Abrahams, Pascale Barret, Alix Desaubliaux, Alice Lenay, Carin Klonowski et Gwendoline Samidoust. 10/10 14h30 CDN. Table ronde. Entre virtuel et incarné, quelles innovations sociales et écologiques ?
7-12/10 festival
Magdalena Montpellier.

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