hi everyone,

i'm currently back in aotearoa new zealand, immersed in family stuff & feeling a long way away from my networked artists community - but it's good to be walking on the beach, feeding the chickens & hanging out with old friends & relatives. & it's good to pause from that & read the netbehaviour emails :)  i'm trying to have a sort of "freelancer's sabbatical", if that isn't a complete oxymoron :D because the work never really stops!

UpStage certainly hasn't stopped, even though we are in a quiet phase at the moment as we focus on a complete rebuild of the platform. progress is happening (visit https://github.com/upstage-org/limelight if you are interested in the development) & we are busy working on funding applications. meanwhile we are still doing a few things in the existing platform, having open walkthroughs for people who want to find out how to use UpStage for their own projects. there will be another one in the near future (i'll try to remember to post it here, but if you're interested you can also email me).

& we have to keep paying for our server hosting: it's only US$11.50 a month, which we are paying from our own pockets as we currently have no other funding & we do not charge artists for the use of UpStage. if anyone would like to chip in a month or two, it would be much appreciated. there is a link to donate on this page: https://upstage.org.nz/?page_id=278

waving from the garden,

h : )


helen varley jamieson