Yes, I like this too. And I also like your post about the goat-song and Greek tragedy, Max.


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Good poetry here!

Reminds me of one of these in a way:

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Subject: [NetBehaviour] Why We Shouldn't Kill the Old People and the Young People

Why We Shouldn't Kill the Old People and the Young People
some young and old people maybe

Old people remember wood and the hardness and softness of trees.
Young people know images of trees and their solarization.
Old people remember air and history.
Young people know breathing and the annihilation of history.
Old people remember the transition from the inertness of the
world and its descriptions to the mapping of the world and the
absence of the world.
Young people know the description of the world down to the level
of the bit, byte, and pixel.
Old people know the transition is history and possesses its own
Young people know the only horizon is that of the imminent future
and its denouement.
Old people remember wilderness and animals.
Young people know classifications, sequencing, crispr, and the
insertion of lineages into classifications, sequencing, and crispr.
Old people remember tuning the airwaves full of sound and sight.
Young people know the imminence of the screen and its control.
Old people remember immanence.
Young people know imminence.
Old people know the tuning of the world and the care taken with
that tuning as slaughter always approaches in the brutality of
war, plague, and cartels.
Young people know the incessant annihilation of the world and its
incessant recovery.
Old people remember the fecundity of resources.
Young people know the horizon of scarcity and armageddon.
Old people remember the materiality of the abacus and sliderule.
Young people know the immateriality of the cellphone.
Old people remember the individual.
Young people know the projection of others.
Old people remember the map.
Young people know the directions and directives.
Old people know the horror of the world.
Young people know the world and the horror of the world.
Old people and young people know this isn't funny.
And I'm a comedian.

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